Minoxidil 5% Foam | from £13.67 per Month

5% Foam
3 Months (£13.67 per Month ) £41.00
6 Months (£14 per Month ) £84.00
9 Months (£14.11 per Month ) £127.00
12 Months (£14.17 per Month ) £170.00

Product description

Regaine scalp solution contains minoxidil, which acts to prevent hair loss and help hair regrow. It is thought to work by helping blood flow to the scalp and so the hair follicles.


Minoxidil, ethanol, propylene glycol and water.

Time to take effect

It can take months for any effects to be apparent.

How to use

The topical solution should be applied to the dry scalp, up to twice daily for at least two months.

Side effects

Seek medical attention if any severe allergic reactions or chest pains occur. Other effects include weight gain, rashes/dermatitis and headaches.

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